Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Cute Candle!!

The other day I was at one of my favorite stores.....Dollorama. I found these cute little candles for $2. They come in blue, red, green, yellow and smell great!! I was there thinking of what I could use them for when it hit me, I would just add my own paper and velleum I make my own design.
This is the very first try at making it look pretty, it looks okay but I will be making some changes as this one is a bit smudged and not quite how I want it. But I was so excited to show this cute idea off and couldn't wait to put my final one up, hopefully I will get one done "Just right" tonight and can post some more pictures tommorow!

Here it is with the lid to the side, it says it should burn for about 40 hours. I figure when the candle is all gone I will wash it and use it for a q-tip holder or something. Its too cute to just throw away. I will be making some as gifts and doing a class on how to make one! If you are interested just let me know! Thanks for looking!

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