Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Women's breakfast candles!

Ok... so I finally have something new for you to look at. Here are the newest candles I have made. They will be center pieces for a womens breakfast at my church! For some reason I can only put 5 pictures up at once, so I will post the others tommorow.
I have been so busy lately, I got my whole yard raked and bagged. Bought my two beautiful kids a play stucture to use this summer. Hopefully we will get it up tommorow for them. Its been so nice outside I just don't wanna come inside when the weather is so great!
The first two were kinda remakes of ones I had already done, I just improved on them slighty.

On this one I used my new dew drops, I love the look and am so happy that I bought them!

I can't wait to see this one lighted, I think it will look awesome!

I wanted something extra on this one so I added some pearl dots. Hope you like, I will be right back with the others!

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  1. they look awesome, Rochelle! you're so talented!