Friday, April 9, 2010

Some cards from class and finally the last candle!

Finally here is the last candle I made for the ladies breakfast at church. Sorry it has been so long, I have been super busy, and then forgot to put it on yesterday!
Ok so this isn't a candle or card, but its me and the love of my hubby!! I really missed him this time when he was gone for his 4 days of work! But he is off for 5 days now so I will get to spend lots of time with him!

These are the cards from class, I was so busy the night before and then so excited the morning of the card class that I only got three done. I was so excited because I had got my Close to my Heart package a day earlier than I thought it was coming, so we just made the three cards, played around and made a paper purse and then looked at my new stuff.


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